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Urghh..I'm choking with all the codes. Can you speak English? :P

Posted by Snow at November 12, 2003 11:33 PM

You should not use this kind of feedback to spamassassin, because the headers of the bounced mail will be different (after being processed anothertime by the MTA) from the headers of the original mail.

You can set the following mutt macros (one for spam -false negatives- and other for ham -false positives-). There are two macros for each one because one is for the indexer (when you see the email-subject list) and another is for the pager (when you read the email):

# Tell SA the message should have been spam

macro index S "unset wait_key\nsa-learn --spam --single\nset wait_key\ns=spam\r"

macro pager S "unset wait_key\nsa-learn --spam --single\nset wait_key\ns=spam\r"

# Tell SA to train message as HAM

macro index H "unset wait_key\nsa-learn --ham --single\nset wait_key\ns=inbox\r"

macro pager H "unset wait_key\nsa-learn --ham --single\nset wait_key\ns=inbox\r"

All this will:
1- unset the wait_key: dont read the "wait for a key" phrase after processing the message and return directly to the indexer/pager.
2- sa-learn
3- set the wait_key
4- save the message in the proper box (your choice's name)

Posted by mcm at April 24, 2004 03:25 AM
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