August 26, 2005


The German autobahns rock!

Unique to Europe, many of Germany's highways are with no speed limits at all, and drivers can enjoy cruising along as fast as they want, or as fast as their car will let them. Thanks to the influence of the many car manufacturers here, it's here to stay, so far. Instead of being a bunch of speeding maniacs, drivers here are on the whole pretty civilised about it, and the huge range of speeds are managed pretty well. Even when one car tops out at 170kph, a Porsche can pass quite safely at 230+, in part because the roads without limits tend to be long sweeping roads with lots of visilibty, and I found that at 175kph, I was reacting to movements of cars 400+ metres away.

The drive back to Holland was one of the best I've ever done - cruising towards the Dutch border at 175kph (sometimes 50kph faster than other cars) was a great pleasure, and I can't wait to do it again!

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August 10, 2005

More Dilbert coffee

Today's dilbert is another great coffe-addiction based one, just like the previous series.

I'd run 40km for a good coffee also.

On the subject of coffee, I've turned to using a plunger (or French press) to make my coffee at work. The downside is that it requires a good cleaning each time, but the quality of the drink is fantastic and beats anything else offered in the office (we have two other types of coffee there). Best way to start the day!

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August 09, 2005

So busy..

I've been very busy lately.

As well as the day job, I've been extremely busy with other things, and can't wait to be able to relax from them. I have been working on a small business which I hope to be able to launch in September (more details later!)...I've also spent a lot of time on my new site GoogleTouring, which has been getting very popular and several hundred separate visitors per day, and growing...and I've also been planning a little holiday, driving around Europe with Snow. It leaves me with little time for much else, but I am feeling productive thankfully.

Oh yeah, and I've got tickets to see a Manchester United match later this month with Snow - her life dream.

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