July 24, 2005

I fucking hate P.E.T packaging

Today I bought myself a wireless notebook mouse (yes is M$, but they're hardware is ok) and a Labtec headset/microphone for work.

Like almost everything else, they were packaged in PET plastic. These and the blister packs that other things come in infuriate me to no end! AAARGH! If the manufacturer doesnt want me to get into the thing inside, then why bloody even bother putting anything in the package?? Prolonged attempts at breaking them open and getting to the goodies inside invariably fail, and end up with cuts and sore fingers.

To these companies I say: DONT PACK YOUR SHIT IN TOUGH COKE BOTTLE PLASTIC. Even a regular pair of scissors wont cut it...what ever happened to good old cardboard?

I'm off to buy a chainsaw just for opening blister packs...

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July 10, 2005

GoogleTouring - my Google Earth hack

Google Earth rocks.

This fantastic new tool gives you true 3D satellite imagery of the entire earths surface on your desktop, with realtime rendering and flying animation. You can fly around to different places in the world, getting astounding pictures of anywhere on earth. You can also get driving directions, route planning, and find masses of services, roads, hotels, etc.

Over the last few days I've been working on exploiting a feature in Google Earth and have created a website, GoogleTouring which archives animated tours of interesting places and scenic flights to take with GE. Take a look and please let me know what you think!

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July 08, 2005

Handling of the London bombings

Yesterday four devastating bombs hit London, killing over 50 people, with at least 9 of them being Australian.

What strikes me as quite amazing is that the British police are handling the investigation incredibly professionally as a criminal investigation and the sites are being referred to, and treated as, crime scenes.

This is in contrast to the American way that they handled attacks. They treated it as a crusade, immediately determined to go on a witchhunt, invading countries and oppressing people. The American way of handling hasn't been much better than the perpetrators themselves.

I have much more respect for the British. From the press reports and other information, the police have been doing nothing but a 100% professional criminal investigation. Bravo!

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