October 06, 2004


Spotted today on Slashdot:

CLI is the equivalent of spoken or written language, and the GUI is the 
equivalent of pointing at something and grunting.

Spoken/written communication is much more powerful (easier, faster, more 
effective) when both parties understand the language, and the idea is a complex 
one ("I would like a job at your pie shop.")

Rudimentary communication is easier with point-and-grunt (answering the 
question "which pie would you like to purchase?" - you point to the one you 

If the parties don't understand the same language, complex concepts are 
*much* harder. Learning to communicate by pointing is easier, but the true 
power of communication comes from spoken/written languages.

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October 03, 2004

Grolsch Beer Tap Light

There's a market square in the centre of Utrecht that has different markets on different days. one day on the way home there was a market stall selling bar lights, and included a couple that were combination beer taps and bar lights.

I found this Grolsch one and snapped it up, where it now takes pride of place on a window sill here. And the tap still works! I just need to get a supply of beer to hook into it.

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