August 16, 2004

No more Hilversum

Hilversum is no more.

Well, at least as far as my life goes. i've moved out of Hilversum, onto better places with a little more life. After being almost 2 years on the edge of Hilversum in a way-too-inconvenient place, I've now put myself very close to the centre of Utrecht. I'm about 10 minutes walk from the biggest train station in Holland, and 30 seconds walk from an Irish pub.

The nice thing here is that I'm so close to town, but I've made no sacrifice in terms of quality of my apartment or price. I now pay overall a little less than I used to in Hilversum, but the apartment is no smaller, and in fact feels a bit bigger. Plus with utilities paid for already, I dont have to worry about how many computers I leave on.

I think I'm going to enjoy it here. At least once the "ugly couch" is gone - one of the landlords old couches that's probably one of the most hideous things I've seen!

In other news, I'm writing more in my weblog again.

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