July 07, 2004


Recently I have discovered a few things about watermelons that I never knew previously.

  1. A standard Dutch watermelon is the size of a bowling ball. Gotta look hard to find a decent sized one.
  2. Don't attempt to carry a watermelon and a passenger on a moped. You will eventually have to leave one behind. (Discovered to Snow's detriment).
  3. When your watermelon-carrying bag breaks, the heavens will open with a nasty downpour whilst you attempt to figure out what to do.
  4. Cutting a small hole in the side of a watermelon, you can pour an entire bottle of vodka into it.
  5. It's possible to get drunk on watermelon (prepared as above)
  6. Do not leave a vodka spiked watermelon within reach of children.
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