April 06, 2004

Idle weblog

Yes I know, this weblog has been a little idle lately. Seems I have been spending a lot of my free behind-the-computer time in my new hobby/money making venture, involving geeky network gear and Ebay. But I'm making money from it so that's a good trade off - at least it's not a waste of time. I won't be starting a company up from it (no time and too much paperwork), so will stick to an hour or two a night for now. So far I'm making a respectable profit from this little venture. Oh I will certainly be keeping my dayjob, but this provides a little extra income to spend on travel, toys, and other things.

It's a pleasure to check my (snail) mailbox now - bills aren't the only thing coming in, I'm also getting new goodies to sell. :)

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