March 15, 2004

Goodie goodie yum yum

Finally after decades, I own my very own copy of The Goodies on DVD! Found a copy on Ebay for around half the retail price. This was the sitcom that played a defining role for British comedy and was a regular after-school entertainer for me in the 80's. With brilliant plot-lines, wacky jokes and hilarious visual comedy, it's about time we saw this out.

So far I've watched two episodes, and am still mesmerised by the stories in them - no doubt within a few days I'll have seen the rest of the DVD, together with the extras and commentary. Looking forward to seeing the next DVD!

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March 05, 2004

Search for a fridge..

At my work, there have been occasional discussions about getting ourselves a fridge to keep friday arvo beers cool. It's been pretty hard trying to convince people that we should spend the money, and it seemed a lost cause - the beer would be warm.

Fortunately I discovered that we have the worlds largest fridge here...we now hang the beer out the window and it keeps it at a nice chilly 3 degrees or so until beer o'clock rolls around.

It'd be just my luck though if someone on the pavement below was hit by a bag 'o' beer falling three stories.

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