February 03, 2006

A sorely needed FF extension

For a long time now (years and years), I've been waiting for a firefox feature which no one seems to be able to do well at all. It's incredibly simple (in theory) and should be a big hit for anyone, but just doesn't seem to be around yet.

What I'm looking for is a way to synchronise my bookmarks with a server somewhere, and have them shared amongst multiple computers. Every time I add a bookmark, it would get added to the bookmark store somewhere, and also removing and rearranging bookmarks will get synchronised to the store. Then when I fire up FF on another of my computers, it reads (and writes) to the same bookmark store, effectively giving me truly portable bookmarks.

There are extensions around that will do this, but they fail in that they have one or more of these annoyances: (1) They only sync with a manual action or when FF starts/closes. (2) They don't integrate natively into the existing FF bookmarks UI, but create additional menus and dialogs. (3) They require the use of some obscure service.

Please! Can someone write a decent system to do this? It shouldn't be hard at all and I'm getting quite sick of this just not being out there yet. And before you start...my XUL coding sucks and I've not got the time to learn at the moment.

Posted by Ben at February 3, 2006 02:43 PM

Hear hear!
Dit is iets waar ik ook al een tijdje mee zit. Verschillende computers en verschillende browsers allemaal met elkaar syncen. Het handigste is om dit via het fileformaat te doen met een centrale 'sync' database. Alleen hebben alle browsers -uiteraard- allemaal verschillende fileformaten (...). Grappig dat ik dit tegenkwam. Ik kwam via jouw Google Earth's Macau pinpoint.


Posted by: Axel Roest at February 9, 2006 12:04 AM
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