October 25, 2005


So I finally decided that my old faithful Nex II MP3 player needed upgrading. Memory-wise I didnt really have a problem. This player uses compact flash cards so upgrading memory is just a matter of buying a new CF card. But the interface is a little old and it doesnt have that many features I like, especially song ratings and good playlist support.

So conveniently enough, Apple brought out the iPod Nano. This time with a black model, as I really don't like the white one, it just looks so ...wrong. This is the first Apple kit I've bought - ever since high school I've always found Apple gear a bit wacky and too brain-dead. Much of my high-school years was spent taunting the computing teacher for his obsession with the things. But Apple has matured over the years, and their user interface design with its combination of intuitition and power is a lovely balance. The itch started...

Less than a week after its release, I started to really pang for a Nano. It's tiny size, sleek black form and lack of moving parts really sold itself. It was not an easy hunt...by the time I started looking they'd all but sold out worldwide, and a fruitless search had me just about given up. Persistence paid off here. After a few deals on second hand ones fell through, I finally managed to snatch one that was effectively brand new, thanks to a Dutch online classified site. Paying about 10% less than retail, I was almost prepared to pay full retail for a 2nd hand unit in as-new condition.

I've had it for a couple of weeks now, and even now I'm still awe-bound with just what has been put into that tiny package. Photos of it do not do it justice. You see a photo and think OK, it's a small mp3 player, but to actually look at it and have it in your hand is another thing entirely. The inteface is highly intuitive yet powerful (a great compliment coming from a Unix user!), and the partnership with iTunes is flawless. (But my gripes about there not being a good free iTunes replacement are still there).

Best of all, the audio coming out of this credit card sized device is nothing short of heavenly - the engineering that went into the analogue output circuitry matches the work put into the rest of the device.

Posted by Ben at October 25, 2005 12:26 PM | TrackBack

Glad you love it ;)

I managed to pick mine up the day of release down in Melbourne, I'd downloaded the Apple launch video for watching on my laptop on the plane, and by the time we landed I was itching for an Apple store.. Definately time for a new iPod (My 3G has a 2 hour battery life thse days - I've worn it into the groud) I was lucky that they still had 5 or 6 black 4GBs, and so I was set! :D


Posted by: Tara at November 11, 2005 12:10 PM
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