July 24, 2005

I fucking hate P.E.T packaging

Today I bought myself a wireless notebook mouse (yes is M$, but they're hardware is ok) and a Labtec headset/microphone for work.

Like almost everything else, they were packaged in PET plastic. These and the blister packs that other things come in infuriate me to no end! AAARGH! If the manufacturer doesnt want me to get into the thing inside, then why bloody even bother putting anything in the package?? Prolonged attempts at breaking them open and getting to the goodies inside invariably fail, and end up with cuts and sore fingers.

To these companies I say: DONT PACK YOUR SHIT IN TOUGH COKE BOTTLE PLASTIC. Even a regular pair of scissors wont cut it...what ever happened to good old cardboard?

I'm off to buy a chainsaw just for opening blister packs...

Posted by Ben at July 24, 2005 12:49 AM
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