June 27, 2005

Stroh 80 Rum

After several years of enjoying various whiskies on occasion, I've found that I have gained a wonderful skill of being able to discern the fine flavours of strong spirits without gagging on the strength of the alcohol.

To me, many standard strength spirits (40%) such as vodka and rum are very mild and they've got very little kick in them. Some cheap vodka can be like water to me. But this does really bring out all of the flavours within.

On the weekend, I happened to be passing by the bottle shop in Utrecht station, where they have a large variety of minatures for sale - I'd guess they have one or two hundred. At around 2 euros a pop, it's a cheap way to sample new varieties of grog. One day I'll get a photo of them all.

Wanting to revive the memory of a delicious drink I had, I spotted amongst the collection a minature of Stroh 80 Austrian Rum. This is probably the strongest stuff I've ever tasted.

It's 80% alcohol - that's 160 proof! Keep away from naked flames. What follows is a brief review...

For those who aren't so brave, they also make a 'lite' variety. Only 60%.

Known as The Spirit of Austria, sipping the stuff is an absolute intense experience. It completely tingles the tongue, warming and numbing the mouth and when you swallow it, you can feel it running all the way down your throat. It's a very sweet red rum, with caramel, vanilla and cinnamon flavours. Surprisingly it has no harsh flavour or alcohol burn. The spirit numbs the mouth and throat, leaving a lovely tingling sensation to be enjoyed to the last drop.

I'm gonna buy a proper sized bottle of the stuff - poured over ice cream, I know it will make the perfect dessert! Apparently they make a liqueur cream also...I know who will like that! ;)

Posted by Ben at June 27, 2005 03:37 PM
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