December 07, 2003


It's getting darn cold around here. Right now it's dipping below freezing according to the mercury (actually in this case it's silicon, but I digress.) No snow has fallen yet (you yanks have it lucky), and none forecast. Which is quite a shame really, as it's the only way I can enjoy the cold.

A trip to Naarden Vesting today on the moped was only marred by the temperature, leaving our legs almost unusable. That's what going 40km/h in 2 degree temperatures tends to do - but I think by now they've thawed out.

Yesterday was a little warmer - about 5 degrees. Which by my Aussie standards is bloody freezing, but Holland has desensitised me to cold weather. We dashed off to the Black Market in Beverwijk - a large market covering several huge halls - and did a bit of shopping. We ended up buying loads of fresh spices at bargan prices, and a few fresh veggies (not to mention a shopping bag full of fresh chillies for EUR1.50). A couple of winter warmer cardigans later, and I'm prepared for a bit more of this bitter cold.

Oh I wish I still had a fireplace.

Posted by Ben at December 7, 2003 10:16 PM
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