December 04, 2003

GSM unlocked!

I've had an old Nokia 3310 phone sitting around for over 2 years now, and haven't been able to do anything with it as it's a prepaid phone with a sim-lock, preventing me from putting another simcard into it. And the prepaid sim has expired, so essentially the phone was dead.

Thankfully I was browsing around last night, and came across a site that shows how to unlock older Nokia phones. All it needs is the phone, a data cable, and a windows box. All of which I have! So I gave it a go (after trying to get a serial port running under VMware) and SUCCESS! I have a working unlocked phone now at last!

Useful for me? Yep - it's handy when I go back to Aus to be able to buy a local SIM and have a decent phone to use it in.

Posted by Ben at December 4, 2003 09:06 PM
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