December 03, 2003

Beer on the job

I noticed this article which mentions various attitudes to drinking during working hours, and how it's viewed in a few countries.

Naturally, the British are the most lax, and around half the English will gladly get a beer during lunch. Other countries are less lax, and at the other end of the scale are the Dutch, where 86% frown on beer during work hours. I can definitely vouch for this - it's almost impossible to convince anyone to have a beer at lunch - milk is the norm.

Ironically, my own building has a beer tap installed right in the foyer, and it's even hooked up a lot of the time. The just don't use it during business hours - such a waste...I need to convince more colleagues to come out for a beer at lunch, but it's not really the season for it.

Posted by Ben at December 3, 2003 08:58 PM
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