November 22, 2003

Speedy ADSL

In the last couple of years ADSL in the Netherlands has shown a remarkable improvement. What used to give major headaches has become a standard, fast and reliable internet access service.

Two years ago I had my first ADSL line installed. Whilst it was fairly good back then, it had some pretty frustrating difficulties. The delivery time was around six weeks, and bandwidth was fairly restrictive. And considering that it's essentially just a patch in an exchange, I wondered what was happening during those six weeks. Finally the line was working, and things were very nice. I had 512k of downstream bandwidth and 128k upstream. Not as fast as cable, but there weren't any contention issues. The most annoying thing was the limited upstream - I have my own servers running at the end of this line, and 128k made things pretty slow at times. Eventually I moved house, and due to various reasons did not get ADSL installed...

..until now that is. It turns out that nowadays, ADSL is considerably faster than cable for upstream, and downstream speeds have been bumped up considerably. The downstream is 1024k, and the upstream is 320k, and this is what has made me go for it. I'd like to be able to stream some of my mp3s from home to work, but the previous 128k upstream didn't allow that. But now, the fast upstream allows me to do just that.

So I finally got around to ordering ADSL on Wednesday afternoon, thinking it'd be a few weeks before i got it running. But - to my great surprise, I came home today and my ADSL modem was connected! That's two days from order to operational! I was so impressed - ADSL sure has come along way in two years. Much more bandwidth and much faster implementation. And not to mention the fact that I have a "professional involvement" with the DSL provider. Now I just have to wait for my free iMode phone that came with the subscription...

Oh yeah - I should also think about cancelling my cable!

Posted by Ben at November 22, 2003 12:17 AM
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