November 11, 2003

Lovely London

Myself and Snow returned last night from a long weekend in good old London town. We'd origionally planned to go to see Lamb play amongst other things, but the concert was cancelled a day or so before hand. But not to worry, the rest of the trip made for a great weekend.

One thing that neither of us had been on yet was the Wheel. A great big ferris wheel, that gives an impressive view all over London, we got on just after dusk and I was quite amazed at how different the city looks from above. That night was spent getting some drinks with Pete and enjoying a good English kebab.

One thing about London, is that the air is pretty dirty. After a few hours of wandering around town, we'd go back to the hotel, and a towel wiped across the face would be visibly dirty! Yuk, not the cleanest air around! Holland is so much cleaner in comparison.

We paid our respects to Harrods, and I paid a king's ransom for a super smooth cashmere and angora scarf. I spotted the fresh coffee department and also grabbed some Kenyan Peaberry and Bourbon Brasil beans. I was also tempted by some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, but at 10 per 100g, I decided to pass! Snow splurge on some chocolates and a little wandering around further finished our Harrods pilgrimage. Not that I've ever really looked at Harrods before, but I figured it'd be nice to see once.

Saturday night saw us wandering along the Thames enjoying some fireworks, afterwards dining in the Zaika restaurant. This Indian restaurant boasts a Michelin star, meaning it's one of the top curry houses in England. The decor was gorgeous, the food divine and I think Snow is now an Indian curry fan! Unfortunately my map reading skills of an A-Z meant arriving late and having to wait a while for a free table. But it was worth it! I tucked into a Rogan Josh (made with lamb on-the-bone) and Snow had a gorgeous butter chicken.

Sunday saw a bit of essential grogery shopping at Tesco's (got my Tim Tams!), and a few drinks at a pub watching Man United beat Liverpool at the soccer. Snow was the loudest in the pub I think, which turned out to be somewhat risky as it turns out 90% of the people there were Liverpool fans. I suspected as much, given that it was the closest pub to Liverpool St Station. I enjoyed a Bass ale, followed by a Carling. Post-game, we eventually made our way to Stansted airport and across to Holland.

Naturally, I took plenty of pix.

Posted by Ben at November 11, 2003 01:23 AM

Liverpool St station serves Norwich & east NOT Liverpool (try Euston)

Posted by: sb at November 12, 2003 03:46 PM

I know that :) Was just pointing out the nomenclature of it (ie Liverpool fans would pick a pub near the street/station of their namesake).

Posted by: Ben at November 12, 2003 03:50 PM
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