November 05, 2003

Movie day - Matrix revolutions

Today was a good day. After a fairly busy morning's work, I took a pre-arranged afternoon off work, and headed up to Amsterdam with Snow to see the final Matrix movie. A few days ago I booked tickets to see the opening session.

The movie itself was quite mixed. Various parts of the story were fairly difficult to understand and did not make sense, especially the ending - too many things were left open. However I was quite impressed by a few of the special effects:

  • The battle in the temple
  • The fight scene between Neo and Smith
  • In particular, a great shot of Smith taking a punch to the face - wow!
  • The machine city - very well done!

Like the second movie, things take a while to pick up, but the action picks up fairly quickly. It has a similar feel to the second movie - nothing can even come close to the original for it's epic feel - but this is of course due to it being made at the same time as the second. It's a complete continuation of the second movie, but seems to fall apart even more.

However, I am an eye candy person too. Overall it's a thoroughly enjoyable movie, more for it's battle and fight scenes. It could never have been the same masterpiece as the original, but has some nice effects worth looking out for. A shame the ending was a little confusing - it seems they ran out of time. But I'd still see it again.

Had some whisky after the movie and some Japanese food - what a great day. And we'll be off to London soon also! :)

Posted by Ben at November 5, 2003 11:47 PM
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