November 03, 2003

Thor's visit

Earlier this evening there was some pretty wild weather in this part of Holland. Coming home on the train, the skies were pretty clear and still fairly light over Amersfoort, but as the train approached Hilversum, an enormous black cloud loomed overhead. It was a strange sight, seeing light sky behind, but a black solid mass up ahead.

As we got closer, the rain fell hard. The entire carriage, normally silent to the sounds outside, was clattering with the rain. Outside was almost totally black except for a strip of light sky on the horizon. A storm was over Hilversum and I was getting excited. Closer to the station, a streak of lightning flashed over Hilversum and I knew it was going to be a cold and wet ride home. At the station, I watched outside as the rain bucketed down and the wind brought the rain under cover. Lightning flashed again and I zipped my jacket up tightly and prepared to get into the weather.

I came outside again after fetching the moped and would you believe, the rain had stopped! I zoomed home, the skies gradually clearing, and made it back home completely dry! Thor was in town, but Murphy was on holidays.

Posted by Ben at November 3, 2003 10:41 PM
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