October 31, 2003


Winter is on its way, about to take over this country in what seems like perpetual darkness. Days that last from 8:30am until around 4:30pm, and temperatures that rarely exceed 7°C - it will be a long and tedious winter.

My plants don't grow in these conditions, and I cant stand to be 6 months without them. So I will try to grow them throughout the winter in a simulated summer environment. Today I took delivery of an aquarium tank, and will try to adapt it as a terrarium. In it, I'm going to try and grow herbs and small varieties of chillis. The environment inside the tank should be ideal, with plenty of light from a fluoro tube, and being somewhat sealed, it should keep warmth and some humidity inside.

There is a lot I can do, and a few things I should. I'll need to get some material for the bottom and soil, some decoration, and setup something to automatically water when needed. I've already set the lamp to be on for about 17 hours per day. Of course the geek in me will also set up a webcam on this - assuming I have enough cable to reach it! Tomorrow I'll head to Intratuin and get the stones, grit and any other bits I'll need. The weekend should be fun I think. I'll post further once I've done a bit more with it.

For now, plants in pots will hopefully be happy. I should germinate some pepper seeds too!

Posted by Ben at October 31, 2003 12:42 AM
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