August 14, 2003

In case you missed it

Last weekend, checked out Amsterdam Parade (not related to the gay parade). Lots of fun theater, people, food, music, and hangover-inducing beverages. Of particular note:

See the merry go round! Round, round! At some insane speed, leaving people screaming. Seriously..that thing was about twice the legal merry-go-round speed limit.

Knuckles. Theatre at its best, with 45 minutes of pure, sweet violence. Think of Tom and Jerry with Humans, acted out live. Absolutely brilliant.

The Silent Disco. Completely wacky. And funny as fuck. This is an open disco (in an open tent) where you go in and are given a set of headphones to listen to the music and DJ. Then dance. To those on the outside watching in, it's a unique and insightful experience of watching people make even bigger fools of themselves. Highly recommended for comedy value.

It's on till this Sunday. Check it out. And it helps to understand some Dutch.

Posted by Ben at August 14, 2003 12:34 AM
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