August 08, 2003

Oil - it needs oil!

So after some duscussions with Leo, who sold me my bike, it turns out that to solve a long-standing problem of jerky gear changes and crunchy gearboxes, I need some new oil. Having had the oil changed only a few months ago, I was puzzled. So anyway. I head off to the shop yesterday and pick up a bottle of oil. I remember too that my lights dont work and grab a new coil to replace the burnt out one on the alternator. Riding with no lighting at night is starting to get a little daring.

Normally the gearbox takes around 250-300ml of oil. However on draining it, out dribbled a measly few spoonfuls. Hmm. Oil leak. Running on a smear of oil. Quite lucky that it's not smoked up on me yet. Puzzled, I top the oil up. I resealed the plugs and discover the source of the leak. The cover to the gearbox is missing a screw! Oh crap! Make mental note - oil holds better when cover is sealed. Hopefully today I can get a new screw and fix the leak for good.

Murphy's back from holidays too - the coil is the wrong one. It's a Bosch, and I need an ISKRA. At least I now know how to get it out. A bent set of points taught me the way not to get it out.

Posted by Ben at August 8, 2003 08:28 AM
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