July 25, 2003


At Megabit, there was a session on Wednesday covering lockpicking as a "sport". Picking (your own) locks for fun and challenge. I did not go along to this session, but a colleague did and returned with a lockpicking kit and an interest in taking up the unusual but quite addictive activity.

The idea has rekindled a slight interest that I had a couple of years back. I onced managed to pick the lock into a filing cabinet at a place I worked where we had lost the key. But doing so as a more general interest activity is fun as it's like doing a puzzle with real life links. Of course I would never use it to get into a lock I wasnt supposed to - one has to assume some responsibility with this skill.

Fortunately the tools are legal to possess in the Netherlands - unlike some other countries. But getting them generally can't be done online. I should be able to get a set at the lockpicking workshop. Once I've got them I might also see if I can verify how secure the locks on my house are!

Every couple of Wednesdays in Amsterdam there is a lockpicking workshop where enthusiasts gather to discuss and attempt challenging locks. I'm hoping to go along to the next meeting, and hopefully pick up a set of picking tools myself. This, and the Guide to lockpicking should make for a very interesting hobby.

Posted by Ben at July 25, 2003 02:09 PM
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