July 01, 2003

IPv6 and VoIP

Lately I've been playing around quite a bith with IPv6 and Voice-over-IP. Whilst two different things, they are two of the more interesting technologies for geeks to play with.

IPv6 is the newest version of IP, and does things like eliminating the need for horrible NAT gateways. Admittedly I have a professional interest in this, as I'm attempting to deploy it through the network of the largest ISP in Holland. But very cool nevertheless.

On a more practical note, voice over IP is really neat, as it lets you have full voice conversations with anyone else online. I have used it recently to chat with people from Australia and Mexico, and the clarity rivals that of the telephone. Plus it's free! I'm going to get mum&dad using it so that we can chat without constantly worrying about the phone bill.
Most of my tools have consisted of GnomeMeeting, OpenH323 tools, and NetMeeting.

Perhaps I will document my experiences with both of these things into something more substantial.

Posted by Ben at July 1, 2003 04:05 PM
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