June 15, 2003

Welcome to summer!

For pretty much every summer since I've been in Holland, the weather has been what can best be described as 'moderate'. Temperatures in the low twenties, often overcast (or to put it more accurately - sometimes sunny), and generally best described as brief.

However - it looks like this year is turning out to be pretty good - so far! The temperatures for the past few weeks have been superb, the rain is staying away, and my chilli (oops I mean chile!) and cactus plants are flourishing. Here's hoping I manage to get out and catch a lot of sun this summer. No point wasting it, and I've got to get a bit of colour into my pasty-white self...and look a bit more Australian!

Part of summer also involves getting out and seeing a bit more of this fine continent, so now's about the time I need to plan just where I want to go. Thanks to cheap airlines, just about anything is in reach...the hard part is finding someone who's willing to join me, as I'm not that keen on travelling by myself. Possible locations I'm considering are Barcelona Ireland and maybe somewhere in France. I really dont know yet - but I do need to get out of Holland at least in June. Time's running out and I've got no plans yet! I do wish Rox was here to go along with me, but she won't be here until September.

One of these days I've got to get around to trying out the local gliders club at Hilversum airport. That will keep me quite happy for a while, and with the summer looking like it is, there's probably going to be a lot of good days to get up in the air.

Well - the suns shining, it's time I went and got myself a little colour into me today.

Posted by Ben at June 15, 2003 05:37 PM

Hi Ben,

I happened upon your interesting site here just after Alan had died. I was just reading your welcome to summer monologue - Very interesting, I like your plants. :) Are you the friend who encouraged Alan to start a little Chilli farm (which like everything - he never got round to finishing)? Anyway the reason I am writing is to encourage you to go to Ireland on your travels. I have seen a few places up here in the Northern hemisphere and I think Ireland (I can only comment on bottom half) is well worth a visit!
Happy travels!

Posted by: Rachael Sanders at July 9, 2003 06:42 PM
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