May 21, 2003

Life in pointform

  • The Naarden Photo Festival is on in around a weeks time for one month. It's the next town along from Hilversum, so I'm dead keen to go. It's not just an exhibition, but a had workshops, appraisals and demonstrations! Two days might be enough. :)
  • Being quite a fan of Morcheeba and Sneaker Pimps, was shocked to realise I had not discovered the music of Portishead and Massive Attack. That problem has now been corrected!
  • Lots of time spent chatting to Rox. We've got quite a connection between us, things feel very right. Weird in a way too (we've never met!) but just right.
  • Off to Italy soon with Sach&Bel&co to sun ourselves for a while!
  • Attempting to renew my Amateur Radio license which expired. In theory it's just a matter of filling a form in and posting it....
  • Pepper seedlings are starting to take. Jalapenos have quite a bad germination rate, but the other peppers have started showing their adult leaves. Will pinch them off to get them nice and bushy.
  • My Futurama episode collection is almost complete! 60 episodes so far!
Posted by Ben at May 21, 2003 12:37 AM
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