May 17, 2003


I couldnt resist. I went off to see The Matrix Reloaded last night, keen as beans to see what was in store. And what can I say....brilliant!. A great sequel to the original, continuing a little after where it left off, based around the struggle of Zion.

Spoilers ahead!

The first 45 mins or so are a little slow, aside from a great opening sequence. It starts out by exploring the existing situation with Zion and the Matrix, giving a clear foundation for the rest of the movie to grow from. Once this is done, it's full of action, effects, fights and brilliant stunts.

Most of the action scenes feature the 'flying camera' viewpoints that the original started with, however in Reloaded, the effects are a big step up. Some of the efefcts are totally jaw-dropping, and it's almost impossible to imagine how they put them together. Take the fight scene where Neo single handedly battles 100 copies of Agent Smith. Sure there are plenty of movies where the same actor appears twice, maybe three times, in one scene, but 100 times in the one shot, fighting together? That takes some excellent CG and directing. And then there's the two trucks in their head-on collision. That's some fine work there!

Now to something geeky. Just about every movie featuring someone hacking a computer system has shown it being done using pretty 3D visuals and absolutely nothing real-life. But not so here! Trinity uses Nmap, a real computer security tool, to find a vulnerability in the system and then uses a hack that actually exists today in some systems. Realistic at last!

The movie continues with some wild action, plenty of fighting and the race against time to save Zion from the attacking machines. We also meet the architect of the Matrix, a respectable looking Colonel Sanders lookalike, and Neo has to make a choice between saving Zion or saving Trinity. The ending comes on quite suddenly and left me gagging for more, but I got a great surprise when at th end of the closing credits, they showed a trailer to Revolutions! Now I really cant wait! :)

Overall I give this an 8 out of 10. The original gets a 9.

Posted by Ben at May 17, 2003 12:13 PM
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