May 02, 2003

Legal MP3s

Yesterday I was browsing through Slashdot as I tend to do each day, and read an article about Apple selling MP3s online. A couple of comments pointed to who offer a subscription service for around $15 per month to download unlimited mp3s. So I checked it out and decided to bite the bullet. I now can choose from a catalogue of over 200,000 high quality mp3s, without the guesswork or quality problems that can plague Kazaa downloads. Sweet!

It seems that they have chosen their catalogue out of true business reasons - no top 40 stuff here (which I dont really listen to anyway) as it'd kill the charts, but less popular and more interesting stuff is all there. But for $15/month, I only have to download one or two albums for it to be worthwhile, and at about five minutes per album, that won't be very difficult :)

Posted by Ben at May 2, 2003 02:07 PM
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