April 27, 2003

Coffee and Dilbert

The Dutch are the second biggest consumers of coffee in Europe, next to the Norwegians, so it's common to see many colleagues pretty much constantly nursing a cup of brew. Unfortunately it seems that the standard coffee that's served here is disgusting to my taste. The 'Douwe Egberts Automaat' serves what's probably amongst the most bitter coffee I've tasted, next to American coffee.

Thus, I found this Dilbert series piss funny, and couldn't resist printing it out and taping it up next to the coffee machine at work on Friday! :) Wally's coffee addiction is way too understandable, but no PHB or Catbert type person is gonna take me away from my coffee...

I wonder how long before anyone removes it, or even figures out who it was? hehehe...

Posted by Ben at April 27, 2003 01:48 PM
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