April 22, 2003

Spot the difference (OR: Still Aussie!)

Well that is such a good relief...I'm still an Aussie, despite my 3.something years here in Holland.

How did I know this? I know this because I accidently tried to spend Aussie money twice today, when I should have been spending Euros. I had a few notes in my wallet that I thought I'd show to young cousin Alice when I was over in England..

Being the duffer I am, I left them in my wallet after coming back from Easter, and grabbed them out when I had to pay. Firstly at the cafeteria at work, and then at a servo filling up on 2-stroke. Both times they were almost accepted, only to be rejected at the last minute.

Which is a pity really, considering 5 bucks is worth only 3 euros..

Good thing I know where my instincts lie..

Posted by Ben at April 22, 2003 09:50 PM
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