April 21, 2003

catch up time

Just got back from a great weekend with Carolyn, Peter and cousin Alice up in England. Aside from minor train mishaps it was a fantastic easter. The train inbound from Luton to London was stuck behind another that broke down, and the train back to London from Somerset broke down (they had to turn off safety mechanics to get it moving). And Paddington station was closed down for the whole Easter weekend, meaning I had to get the trains from Ealing Broadway. I was not late for anything though. :)

The weekend involved lots of playing cards, scrabble, walking (did a 4-miler), tennis (yes i played -- badly!), talking, eating, drinking, church bell ringing, and a little off road four-wheel driving. I'd love to go back again sometime. And I cannot forget Peters special plum brew -- at 80% alcohol, it was quite....dizzying.

Time to see what email awaits now, and hopefully my chilli plants survived! sheesh..only I would hop on the computer before checking essentials..

Workibabs tomorrow..

Posted by Ben at April 21, 2003 10:03 PM
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