April 13, 2003

What a shot!

Last week I happened to be walking past Dam Square in Amsterdam. It was 8:30pm, and the sun had set a half hour earlier. Looking towards the royal palace, I saw how fantastic it looked against the still-glowing sky behind it. It was a relatively unusual sight, as more often than not, it's overcast in this country.

I decided that I had to capture that picture.

Fast forward to last night. I was in Amsterdam a little earlier, and this time I was ready. It was a clear day. As it was a couple of hours prior to sunset, I popped on down to the Cafe de Stil, my favourite little pub in Amsterdam, hung out there and drank some witbier until the sun had set.

As it was getting darker, I wandered up to the Dam, and setup the camera on my mini tripod. It was a busy night and a lot of people were around, so it would be tough to get a reasonably empty shot. It would be even tougher, as not having a release cable would mean using the self timer. And a lot of things can move into the frame in ten seconds.

I had to work fast, as the glow was quickly fading, and I would soon realise that it'd only be around for ten minutes or so. So there I was, setting the timer, tripping the shutter and occasionally getting a car, person, or tram stuck in the middle. After a couple of minutes I got tired of this and decided to just trip the shutter straight away, and hoped to have a steady hand. It worked well, so I was able to fire off a few more shots. The best one i got of the dam is (proudly) displayed here. I am really happy with it (aside from the van), and learnt that evening shots are best taken when there's still some colour in the sky. It beats an inky black backgound any day...

I then turned the camera around and grabbed a few more frames of different bits around the square, but not having moved my position, they just dont have the impact of this one.

I think I'll go back again soon...

Posted by Ben at April 13, 2003 11:38 PM
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