February 28, 2003

the perfect sunset

As many photographers know, capturing that perfect sunset can take a heck of a lot of patience. You find your spot well before sunset, and then just wait until the colour is right. and hopefully, you get the perfect effect.

But alas, nature is so random that more often than not, you will just end up with a plain picture of the setting sun rather than a truly glorious sunset. After a while you may think that you may never get a good photo, and the desire or interest starts to dwindle off. I almot suffered from this, until I saw some nice sunsets out of my window at home. I decided that I would head to somewhere that has the right setting to capture the sunset.

So come last weekend...the weather was unusually sunny, and there I was in The Hague. The beach (Scheveningen) was busy and the weather was glorious. Jutting out from the beach out to sea is a pier about 200 metres long, that houses shops, a restaurant and a casino(!!). I figured that'd be a good place to get the sunset. And as I watched from there, the sun shimmered brilliantly over the water, and a small peninsula provided just enough extra interest. So, I started snapping away. I think I hit on just the right balance of natures randomness, as I finally got what I consider to be this good sunset picture. No, it's not right on sunset, but it is close enought to be one. There is a bigger version here.

I am now happy. :)

Posted by Ben at February 28, 2003 02:42 AM

If you live in NSW Australia, photgraphing sunsets over the water is in practical terms impossible. When cruising in the Windward Islands nearly all anchorages are on the west side of islands, away from the prevailing weather, so there are photo ops nearly every night!

For an example see


Posted by: sb at April 22, 2003 02:46 PM

Photographing sunrises over the water in NSW can of course be just as nice as sunsets. But you do have to be an early riser to catch them!

Posted by: Ben at April 22, 2003 03:47 PM
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