February 24, 2003

Check 1..2..Check, Check..

This thing on? Good...seems we have contact.

Here it is..I have been thinking about putting up a site with which to post stuff that interests me. Too many times have I thought or observed something, whether it's in geek-space or meat space, and wanted to just think a little more about it and gather my thoughts.

Not being a pen and paper person, I've generally had to hold the thought or try to put it somewhere online, but in entirely unsuitable formats. Usually I just forget it and dont consider it more. But I often want to.

Occasionally I dump stuff in a text file, or otherwise just contemplate life on the thinking throne. I have not been satisfied with that though, and needed a place to actually dump my mind, where I can reach it most of the time.

Some of my other output is alread online, but that consists entirely of sometimes-old code. But cose thoughts are different from real-life thoughts.

And lo and behold, I decided on this little page, site, whatever. Most of my life is controlled by web scripts written in Perl, or more recently PHP. This page is a natural extension to that. I have no intended audience for this, it is purely intended for myself so I have something to look back at. but by some off chance someone else finds this interesting, then they can take a look. And maybe even comment on something.

I'm probably going to spend a bit of time fiddling with the stylesheets here, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist with my code and pages. Unlike many geeks, I actually take the time to tweat the looks of my pages and often spend more time doing that than on the code.

Anyway, that will wrap it up or my first log entry (what stardate is it anyway). A lot of things will appear over the next few days (the last 27 years has given me many thoughts!), but should then reduce in frequency to every couple of days. So dont go thinking I'm getting bored!

73s Posted by Ben at February 24, 2003 10:44 PM

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